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The Pocono Dilemma, African American Men and Drugs

December 2007 | Kenneth R. Fisher Sr. M.C.C.J. | Walden University
Prior research studies and drive-bys shows that there is an enormous rate of drug trafficking, illegitimacy and African American males and drug use in the city.

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Gender Schism: Retirement and Social Security

November 2007 | Kenneth R. Fisher | Walden University
The future of elderly women's retirement in America is increasingly becoming financially challenged and policies relating to Social Security insurance seem less promising. Life work experiences for Mexicans, African American and other minority women usually are shorter than work experiences of mainstream workers.

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Education and Crime

December 2005 | Kenneth R. Fisher | University of Maryland E.S.
The United States Department of Education places an enormous emphasis on educating America's children. In what Charles Darwin has described as a society of the "Survival of the Fittest." America's systems function on "what you do not know can be catastrophic." Aside from some parent's at-home schooling, the greatest input to gain an American education, for the most part, remains the schools and universities across these United States.

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