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Vicious Circle: An Analysis of the Role of Narcotics in Insurgent Violence in Afghanistan From 2001 to 2008

Spring/Summer 2009 | Jared Stancombe | Indiana University
Afghanistan is a nation that has endured over thirty years of continuous conflict. From the Soviet invasion in 1979 to the rise and fall of the Taliban from 1995 to 2001, the country has been completely devastated. Throughout Afghanistan's recent turbulent past, the Afghans have found resourceful ways to of coping with a lack of economic development and governance. More recently, the Afghans have turned to growing highly profitable narcotics in the absence of a formal economy. This narcotics economy, focused around opium—whose derivatives, heroin and morphine, are sold in markets throughout the world— is said to be financing the insurgency.

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Regime Kenmerken En Het Risico Van Democratisering
(Regime Characteristics and Risk of Democratization)

May 2007 | Brent Spillner | Universiteit van Amsterdam (University of Amsterdam)
Democratie¨en mogen niet tegen elkaar vechten, maar dat wil niet zeggen dat democratisering een recept is voor vrede. Recent werk van een aantal vooraanstaande auteurs laat zien dat het democratiseringsproces juist geweld kan ontlokken. Dit suggereert dat er een 'vrede' argument bestaat tegen democratisering in bepaalde landen, dat overwogen moet worden naast de traditionele ‘recht’ argumenten vóór democratischer bestuur.

(Democracies should not fight against each other, but that does not mean that democratization is a recipe for peace. Recent work by a number of prominent authors show that the democratic process just could provoke violence. This suggests that a 'peace' argument against democracy exists in some countries that should be considered alongside the traditional legal arguments for democratic governance.)

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Social Security Privatization

March 2004 | Christopher King | California Polytechnic State University
Some would say that Social Security is one of the strongest American policies ever put into effect. Intact for 70 years, the Social Security system has been the main source of income for the average retired individual over the age of 65. The system was first established in 1935 by President Roosevelt to combat poverty among elderly citizens.

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U.S. Patriot Act: Libraries Under Siege

February 2004 | Christopher King | California Polytechnic State University
They could be listening to your telephone conversations, watching as you go to the store for groceries, or even reading over your shoulder at the library. As citizens of the United States of America, we are slowly being stripped of our right to privacy by the government's strategy to fight the "war on terror." On October 26, 2001, Congress deemed it constitutional for government agencies to subject American citizens to criminal investigation without reason or probable cause.

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