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Academic Mind is a project dedicated to the open sharing of academic information. The site serves as a depository for scholarly papers written by university level students and academic professionals. All works are credited to their respective authors. Academic Mind serves as an excellent place to post academic papers on the Internet to be cited on resumes and referenced as previous works completed for prospective schools and employers. If you find any of the academic papers on this site useful, then contribute your own papers to help the project grow. We need to fill the categories below with academic papers. This site relies on users such as you to contribute scholarly papers.

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All submissions must be non-plagiarized, with full references, and the work must be at or above a university level. It is recommended that the works be at least 3 pages in length when single spaced and 6 pages in length when double spaced.

To submit your non-plagiarized (with references) academic paper, use the academic paper submission form or send an email with the soft copy (file) attached to:

academicmind 'at'

Most document formats can be accepted (.doc, .odt, .sxw, .vor, .sdw, .txt). The document will be converted to html to be posted on Academic Mind.

After the paper is posted, it will have a permanent URL that can be referenced on resumes and job/school interviews/applications as academic works completed.


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